Our logistics services are intended for medium and large multi-national companies with complex supply chain efficiency for better customer’s marketing as well as cash-flow and vendor management inventory.


With this business model, we offer our clients the below services:

  1. Financing of our client’s importation needs – meaning we will finance the procurement of good and materials from nominated suppliers on behalf of our client.
  2. The financing of these good & materials will be based on the pro-forma invoice provided to us by our clients.
  3. Establishing of L/C in good time for effective and efficient importation. This enables our clients to be in the best position to capture their various suppliers’ markets in its best moments in terms of pricing and the availability of products/materials.
  4. Supplier Chain Finance (SCF) – provides our clients with a short-term credit period for repayment which in turn optimizes working capital of our clients. Terms and conditions of repayment will be discussed and agreed between ourselves and our clients in the view of optimizing their cash flow and working capital.

End-to-End Logistics

In this business model:

  1. We monitor and manage the entire import process on behalf of our client based on the pro-forma invoice from the client/supplier.
  2. Monitors the availability of cargo with suppliers overseas to ensure prompt delivery.
  3. Offer insurance, transportation and coordination of the inspection of the consignment with all relevant agencies.
  4. Handle of Insurance claims with the issuers.
  5. Finance all processes involved in the importation of goods from the supplier to the final delivery at the warehouse or client’s chosen destination.
  6. Finance custom duties, to avoid any delays in the clearing/pre-clearing of the cargo at the port.

Vendor Management Inventory

This model best suits companies who prefer third-party inventory management in order to focus on core activities. On this, we offer the below benefits:

  1. Finance all process involved in the importation of goods from the client’s supplier to the final delivery destination/ at the client’s warehouse.
  2. The goods and materials will be procured on behalf on the client with a short-term  SCF on an agreed payment terms.
  3. Our VMI services gives our clients more control so they can accurately forecast demand
  4. Reduces inventory cost for our clients
  5. Reduces Inventory overstocks and stock shortages
  6. Less responsibility.

Security Services & Tracking

We will ensure our clients consignment are fully secured and insured against loss or theft

In this business model, we offer our clients the below services:

  1. We provide security to guide our client’s consignments from the port to the point of final delivery
  2. Provide security functions for warehousing and Vendor Management Inventory.
  3. Provide regular updates and effective communication for better planning and inventory management regarding the delivery of their consignments.
  4. We provide 24/7 onsite security and offsite monitoring.