About Us

ADVENTRADE is a full-service logistics services provider headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We work with various clients in and around Nigeria and abroad to support their domestics and international logistics needs by providing a DOOR to DOOR delivery service.


The fundamental objective of our services is to provide overall support in procurement and logistics for our client’s businesses. Outsourcing logistics ultimately enables our clients to manage their cash-flow and allocate their resources more effectively for growth and expansion purposes.


Our management service oversees the flow of goods and materials between the points of origin to end-use destination. We can deliver all importations needs of our clients upon request to their doorstep from anywhere across the globe with an agreed payment terms after goods and materials have been delivered and verified.


As your logistics provider, our standard process generally involves financing the procurement of goods and materials on behalf of our clients, handle shipping/importation, clearing, inventory, warehousing (if need be), freight tracking updates and security functions for shipments all the way to your door step.

Our Philosophy

Our mission at Adventrade is simple and that is to provide economic value to our clients through our logistics solutions. We will make very effort to provide customized door-to-door solutions to match your every need.

Our Value-Added Services

The increasingly volatile and consumer sensitive chains of supply and demand are not only impacting prices, they are stimulating today’s logistics providers like ourselves to be more responsive, agile and consumer-centric in our supply chain solutions. We create value for our customers by simply taking on the sole responsibility of their supply needs through financing, shipping, clearing and delivering their orders to their door step in record time and with ultimate efficiency.

We create value for our customers by simply taking on the sole responsibility of their supply needs.